It has been a number of weeks since we have been to the cottage. The weather right now does not inspire us to make the journey. It is both too cold and not cold enough to enjoy it. The cold with the lack of snow makes us want to stay home and snuggle by the fire – but I am sure once the snow arrives we will feel inspired to go and do our annual winter visit.

Today I was looking at a picture we have in our dining room of a sunset at the cottage in 2014. We have seen many sunsets since that time, but none as fabulous as that one. It was magical standing on the dock and watching it unfold.

DSC_0876 sunset

We love to stop each evening and admire the sunset, but that one in 2014 was especially magical. Even so, we have had many beautiful sunsets that we have very much enjoyed and it is a highlight of the day to watch the sun go down and see what display it has in store for us.


Not only is the show different every evening, it can also vary in just a few minutes.



This was taken just five minutes after the last picture.


It is always interesting when there is cloud in the sky.


The way it changes the light and colour always makes for an interesting show.


Even the less dramatic sunsets are quite beautiful.


Occasionally we have been out in the canoe later in the evening and seen the sun setting across the lake, beyond our bay.

DSC_1300 sunset

It is quite a different show with the larger body of water reflecting the setting sun


The little islands look very dramatic with the setting sun.

We have never seen a sunset in the snow, but now we have our new road, perhaps this year that will be something we can enjoy. But first, we need the snow and it looks like it might arrive this coming week. So until then, I will enjoy my picture in the dining room and reminisce on those beautiful sunset we have enjoyed thus far.



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