Cottage Reno

Flipping The Kitchen

I have not posted much with regards to work inside the cottage lately. That is because there have been many hours of work without much progress to report. However, the last couple of weeks our hard work took us forward with a huge leap and we have totally flipped the kitchen to the other end of the cottage.

For several weeks my husband has been working on putting in new drywall where we want the kitchen to be. We had faux brick panels and faux wood panels on the walls and not only did we dislike them, they would not be good in a kitchen setting where we would want to attach a backsplash. The faux brick also had to be removed because we would like to put a window in that wall one day and to do that we had to put in the infrastructure for a window while the wall was open.

DSC_3841window framed in

We decided that we would not focus on installing the window this year. Having a functional kitchen is more important right now, so the framing is done and we put drywall over the top, so that at a later date we can cut out the drywall and put in a window.

Waiting for mud to dry between coats and only having the weekends to work on it made the job drag on for several weeks. It was rather a one man job, so while my husband was busy with that and I watched the end of the cottage transform, I became aware of just how much more light we were getting in with white drywall rather than a dark brick wall. Somehow, the faux wood suddenly became even more offensive to look at, so having time on my hands I grabbed the primer and a brush and started painting. Even with just primer it transformed the place! The following week I went armed with paint chips, which I stuck on the wall and with my interior decorator friend, we watched how they appeared in various lighting. By the end of the weekend we had a colour picked out and I was armed with paint the following weekend.

DSC_5077painted wall

The panels covered well and we actually think we might not need to replace them all now. The plan was to work our way round and put new drywall in throughout the room, but this works and will save us time and money, so at least for now we will keep it.

52 Inside cottage through window

Just to remind you of what it was like when we first bought the place, so that you can see the difference in light.

Once the drywall was finished and painted our next step was to put flooring in the kitchen area. We decided to put vinyl flooring in that area, so that any water issues are managed.


First we put in an underlay for insulation and then we put plywood on top of that.

DSC_5235kitchen floor

You can see we still have a bit of work to do to finish off the wall around the window, but we were so keen to progress the actual kitchen, so we will come back to that later.


Then finally we were able to move things down to that end and start constructing our kitchen at the other end of the cottage. You might remember that we decided that it made more sense to us to have the kitchen at this end, because there is access under the cottage at this end and not at the other end. This means we can run pipe through the floor here for water and propane gas. The gas is sorted; we had a guy come and do that for us last weekend, but the water is still to be sorted. For now we continue with our buckets under the sink and drinking water we bring from home.

Yes, we need countertop, wall cabinets, finish fixing the ceiling where the old wood-burning stove was, finish the window wall, sort out the water management, etc., etc.… but we have a functional kitchen where we want it and feel we have made huge progress!


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