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The Road – Growed

As I mentioned in my post about our new road, we thought it would be a good idea to extend it a little so that we had a bit of a parking area.


It was looking a little odd ending where it was, so we said to go ahead and extend it a little.


It has grown a little more than we had thought it would, but I am happier with this solution than the previous one. It still isn’t pretty, but it does flow better with the landscape around it and is more practical. We have also had some recycled asphalt chips added to the top, which should make it stronger and not wash away.


The parking area will be nice to have and in time perhaps I can make it a little more attractive. A path going from there to the back door would be a nice touch for wet weather, but that will not happen any time soon. The list of other more pressing jobs needs to be seen to first.

STC_0261dump truck

I had left my Trail Cam in place during this second stage of construction. I had set it to see if the animals are still using the road, now it has changed, so it was there when they came to extend and top dress it. It took me awhile to sort through the 700 images it took! However, it was interesting to see the work being done and the huge machines they brought in.


Whilst my husband would have loved to play with these toys, this really was not a job for us to take on!


With the right equipment and skills our driveway has been transformed in just a few day and hopefully we won’t have any more access worries in the future.

STC_0690wild turkeys

And it looks like the wildlife is still happy to use our road. The wild turkeys were there the following day, checking it out.


And the following three days had the deer continuing to use it.

So I think we can say that our new road has been a successful change and a good job to finally tick off the list.




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