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A Step Up For The Dock

We have spent the last few weeks working on the dock area. You might remember how we found our dock storage unit had blown over earlier in the year.

DSC_9763shed repair

The base remained firmly in place, but we had not done enough to secure the shed to the base. We enlisted the kid’s help and Maggie kept a close eye on things while they lifted it back in place.

DSC_9768shed repair

This time we added some wire to secure it with some guide lines attached to the trees. Hopefully it will stay in place now!


Our major focus for the last few weeks has been putting in some wooden steps down to the dock. I had tried putting stones to create stone steps down to the dock, but I couldn’t find big enough stones and I couldn’t dig down far because of the tree roots. We kept the two lovely stones that were already there and then built some wooden steps.

With all the rain we have been having the slope was becoming more and more slippery and we were concerned that getting onto the dock was going to result in an accident if we didn’t do something about it soon.

It took us quite some time and discussion before we came up with our final design. My husband, the engineer, was keen to figure out the exact number of steps to keep each step equally spaced, but the slope of the land didn’t really lend itself to that approach. We finally decided to start at the bottom and work our way up with two boards per step where the land is steepest. Then we changed the pattern to four boards per step. It actually works really well. The change in the steps is dramatic enough that you are not likely to stumble because of a change.


We intend to add a bit of a deck, one step up from this top step, as the land still continues to slope there, but we feel it is now safe and a job we can come back to in time. We would like to put a boat rack for the canoe to the right of the steps, off the future deck area we would like to add.


It would be good to get the canoe off the ground. And now carrying the canoe up the slope has dramatically improved!


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