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Loony Tunes

I am very pleased to see that the loons are back in our bay again this year. We have seen two come quite close to the dock: much closer than they did last year. I wonder if they are the same two that were there last year that had one baby?

DSC_5694baby loon

It was lovely watching this little one grow up and seeing the attentive parents looking after it.

DSC_3675loon with fish

The bay is certainly full of these tiny fish, so I can see why they chose to spend so much time there.

DSC_9842sleeping loon

We took the canoe out a couple of weeks ago and were concerned that one of our loons was unwell. Actually we were not sure if it was a loon to begin with because it was so curled up we couldn’t see the makings well. We went closer and could see it was a loon and began to worry it was unwell. It turned out it was taking a nap, even though there was a beady eye looking out, it clearly wasn’t paying attention and unfortunately we startled it when it woke it up and saw us closer than it was comfortable with.


It had a few words with us and off it went. Hopefully he won’t stay away for long!


Loons are such beautiful birds and I never tire of feeling excited each time I see them in the bay.


And that haunting call is just so special. I feel like I have just been given a hug when I hear it!


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