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Apple Trees, Please!

I posted early on about our old apple tree and how it is reaching the end of its life. We took down one large limb some time ago, so that it would not fall on the cottage, but there was still more to do. As I said before, I love the idea of apples at the cottage, so this spring we planted two new apple trees.

DSC_9336apple trees

We dug the holes last fall, so that we would be ready to add the new trees as soon as the ground warmed up. The old apple tree is on the left, so I went a little downhill and put a new apple tree either side of the path.


I put trunk protectors on to try and stop too much munching, but it didn’t stop the Eastern Tent Caterpillar.   I removed this guy, but only time will tell if my apple trees will make it to adulthood!

DSC_9438apple blossom

Our old apple tree amazes us at how it continues to fight on, even though it is slowly rotting away. This spring I was amazed to see how much blossom it had put out on tiny new branches from the trunk. Sorry it isn’t a great picture. I noticed it from the window and took a picture. I intended to go and take another outside, but forgot and now the blossom has gone and it is too late.

We could see that the top of the tree is dead and it is still quite tall, so we decided that it might be a good idea to take off another limb before it falls and causes damage. So last weekend we had all hands on deck and hacked off another limb.

DSC_9961apple tree

We strapped the limb to make sure it fell away from the cottage and up the ladder went my husband with the chainsaw.

DSC_9971tree felling

Thankfully it came down exactly where we wanted it to fall.


My husband was a little surprised at how easily the chainsaw cut through the wood, but it became clear why when we saw just how rotten it was inside!

My efforts to improve the view out back are thwarted until we process the huge limb that is covering that area and I am not sure where we are going to put all the wood. The firewood rack is full from the last limb we hacked off the tree, so we will have to find another spot to stack it. However, I am glad it is down, especially seeing just how rotten it was.


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