Cottage Reno

The Bathroom Has Become More Civilized

My husband has been busy improving our bathroom situation. I have talked before about our complex bathroom system. The urine is kept separate and flushed into a bucket underneath the cottage. Eventually we will pump it up to the outhouse to save emptying the bucket, but that is still a work in progress. Then we had the bucket for solids, which we compost. Well we still have a bucket, but now it is concealed within a lovely wooden box and has a real toilet seat rather than the small one that fitted on top of the bucket. Everyone agrees it is a great improvement and whilst a little unconventional the system works and is much more pleasant to use now.


I would like a matching surround for the bucket that contains the coir, but it hasn’t made it high on my husband’s list of priorities. It is a decorative issue and not a functional one, so I will have to work on that one!



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