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Taking A Ducking

So cottage season is back again and we are back into another year of adventures. Actually cottage season started a couple of weeks ago for us, but we have been busy with jobs getting set up for the season and I have not had time to post. However, adventures are happening, so it is time to get blogging again!

One of the jobs we had to address was our dock storage solution. Screwing into the tree roots was not enough to hold it during the winter storms.


I was not surprised and shame on me, yes I did utter those words “I told you!”


You can see that the dock has also sunk over the winter and was under water. We waited for this weekend, when it was a little warmer, to tackle that job. We had to get into the water to deal with raising it, so we didn’t deal with it in April when we first discovered it! We used a long piece of wood to act as a lever to raise the dock. It was my job to sit on the end of the wood while my husband restacked the rocks that had moved with the ice and were no longer keeping the dock up. The long-term goal is to install some dock legs, but we need extra muscle to do that job. With just the two of us there, we wanted to get the dock out of the water until we can sort out installing the legs. Unfortunately the longest plank of wood we had was leftover from our old dock. Remember how we replaced the dock because the wood was rotting? Well it isn’t any stronger this year! It broke when I sat on it and I ended up having a ducking! Glad we didn’t tackle that job in April! We found another piece of wood and we were able to complete the job. I hope that isn’t something I will be required to do every year, so getting the dock legs installed has moved up my priority list!

DSC_9671 sawfly

Regarding the wildlife, I am out of practice and have forgotten some of the lessons I was learning last year. I need to pay more attention, but I have forgotten what it is I need to focus on. I found this little critter under some leaf litter, but made the same mistake I made last year when photographing. Is it a sawfly larvae or a caterpillar? Last year I posted about A Caterpillar Identify Crisis, where I had a little green critter and couldn’t identify it because I couldn’t count the number of prolegs… caterpillars never had more than five pairs of abdominal prolegs, but sawfly larvae have six or more. My last post was about Sawflies, but still I forgot to count the prolegs when I found this little guy at the weekend. My guess is that it is a sawfly larvae, but I am not sure.

A wildlife critter that we certainly have not forgotten about and is firm in our memories is ticks. They are numerous again this year. We found five on us two weeks ago and this week my husband had one actually attach. It was minute, which is a concern. Those are the ones more likely to carry Lyme’s Disease. We found it and removed it within 24 hours, so hopefully he will be fine, but the size of it means it would be easy to miss.


This is the lid of a pill bottle, so you can see how tiny this tick was. The ticks are a concern and I feel they are like little terrorists. You never know where they are and when they will attack, but equally you don’t want to stay home and be afraid to go out. We are not willing to give our adventure up because of these and besides they are so prevalent now that I could find one every time I step outdoors, so we just have to be vigilant and keep checking each other to make sure we haven’t acquired a new friend without knowing. Lyme’s Disease has been in the news many times this year, so hopefully, eventually, there will be medical advances that deal with the scary threat that they carry. There is medication that protects Maggie, so maybe in time I too will carry pesticide in my blood! Not a comforting thought, but perhaps preferable to Lyme’s Disease!





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