Wildflower Additions

I have been busy sorting my seeds and figuring out when to plant them. I want to plant some more wildflowers at the cottage and I would prefer them to be native. I also need to work on where I locate them. Last year I added several, but most struggled to survive the dry, hot summer and so many deer around. I am restricting my additions to a couple of areas, so that I don’t mess with the natural wildflowers that are already there.


The Purple Coneflower – Echinacea purpurea, which I planted, seems fairly happy.


I planted Prairie Smoke – Geum tiflorum, last year, because it is native to Canada. However it is not found in the wild in this region. It has dry moisture requirements, and it native to the prairies, so I figured it should cope with our conditions at the cottage. I gathered the seed heads and will try to grow it again this year. It is rather unusual looking, which I love. The wispy seed heads happens after it has bloomed and for me that is when I enjoy it most.


Having said I want to grow native plants, I did plant some Chives – Allium schoenoprasum. They are sometimes found growing wild, but they are not native. I gave it an entry pass because it will be nice to use when cooking and I figured the deer wouldn’t like eating it!


Another that isn’t native, but I thought it was because it is so common is Blue Flax – Linum lewisii.  I should have done more research before I planted it.  It seems to be doing well, so I am torn as to if I should remove it or not.


I didn’t plant this Day Lily – Hemerocallis fulva, but was excited to see it appear. I guess the previous owners planted it. It isn’t native. Day lilies were probably introduced to North America in the 1790’s, but are commonly found growing as a wildflower now. It is not invasive and as it is one of the few larger flowers that seem to survive at the cottage, I am happy for it to stay.

Having battled to create a “flowerbed” in a couple of areas, with little success, I think I need to change my game plan and try to work more with what actually grows well there already. I will continue to try and introduce a few new “friends”, but between the deer eating things and me not being available to keep things watered all the time, I think I might be fighting a losing battle if I don’t pay attention to what nature is already offering me and use that as my guide.


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