Amphibians · Maggie Dog

Maggie Dog With The Tongue Of A Frog

As I mentioned in my last post, Maggie’s tongue seems very long for a dog and more like that of a frog or a lizard.


She also has a habit of staring at me and keeping an eye on me… rather like the bull frogs around the dock at the cottage.


They seem to be minding their own business, but I get the feeling I am being watched!


Sometimes it takes a while to spot them; they are so well camouflaged amongst the weed.


Mostly the Bull Frogs are submerged, so it is nice when I get to see their whole body in some detail.


Some Bull Frogs have brown mottling markings, which at first glance look more like a Green Frog.


However, the marked difference between the upper green lip and the pale lower lip, along with the lack of the lateral fold that runs the length of the back shows it to be a Bull Frog.


The Green Frogs can have quite different markings too.


Some are more brown than green.


They are more active than the Bull Frogs too. This one jumped into our canoe bag, which gave me a rare opportunity to take a good look at it, without it turning its back on me and hopping away.


The Northern Leopard Frogs seem to vanish almost as soon as I see them.


They certainly don’t seem to sit around keeping an eye on me and are off hopping away as soon as they can.


So I guess my winter memories of the Bull Frogs are brought to mind more than the other frogs, when I spot Maggie gazing at me. When we first got Maggie, who is a rescue dog, she had been living with cats and she used to purr when we stroked her. She still does that at times, but not as often. I wonder if I could teach her to croak and bring the sounds of cottage life home for the winter!


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