The Outhouse Of Horrors

I met a different spider at the cottage last weekend. It is living in the outhouse and confirmed all my reasons for not wanting an outhouse!


It is a Dark Fishing Spider (Dolomedes tenebrosus). They are quite large with the female’s body being 15-26 mm in length and the leg-span ranges from 50-90 mm. The male body is only 7-13 mm in length, so this one must have been a female. They hibernate in tree cavities and human-made structures, so I wonder if I disturbed her settling in for a winter nap.

Their common name of Fishing Spider is because they have been seen catching minnows, but they are frequently found far from water. They dash into crevices when startled and I guess it went into this corner when we opened the outhouse door. However, it then came out onto the wall. They like vertical surfaces and that is where it was when I left it. I was trying to get a close-up, but the angle was not great. I tried getting closer, but when it twitched its leg my courage left.


I was looking through my camera lens at the time, zoomed in, so it seemed even bigger than the scary size it actually was.  Oh the stuff of nightmares!



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