My Stealth Cam Is Awesone!

After my success in seeing the deer with my Stealth Cam I decided to move it to a new location and see what comes up and down our driveway while we are not there. We have seen the porcupine, geese and deer use our driveway while we have been at the cottage and hoped we would see just how often they visit during a week.


I was surprised to find that we had a raccoon visit four times during one week. We have never seen an adult raccoon at the cottage, only two babies last year. The raccoon was only out and about in the dark, which is why we probably haven’t see it.


I did wonder if I found a raccoon print about a month ago.


It didn’t look like any print I could identify from various charts I found online, but the size is about that of a raccoon.


I did expect to see deer, but was surprised at how often they appeared during the day.


Do you think she knew she was being watched?


The next day I captured two of them together.


We saw two deer together when we went to close the cottage up for the winter yesterday. The youngster ran off, so it was hard to get a good look at it.


But the mother stood and we eyed each other up for a little while before she followed her offspring into the trees. I thought it was interesting to see how they have similar markings. Both have the white around the nose going to a point.   If you look back at the deer on the Stealth Cam, it had a rounder and larger band of white around the nose, so I can see they are not the same animal.


Deer did also appear on our driveway at night, but not as often as they did when I had the cam between the cottage and the lake. It would seem that they mostly approach via the side of the cottage, away from the driveway, although I would need two cams running at the same time to know that for sure.


We almost had another deer leap out again in front of the car, as we were leaving on Saturday.


It suddenly appeared on the side of the road.


But thankfully it ran off back into the trees the other side of the large rock. We were going slowly, so it was less traumatic than when we were on the highway. Yet again the camera in my husband’s car caught the action, which only lasted seconds.

I was hoping to capture the porcupine on my Stealth Cam, but as usual he is camera shy and didn’t appear. I had to bring my Stealth Cam home for the winter, because the batteries won’t like being left out in the cold all winter. I am looking forward to trying it in new locations next year and finding out what goes on while we are away. I think my first location will be where I almost stepped on the baby deer in the spring. It would be great to capture the mother leaving her baby there for the day, although I can’t be sure that she won’t choose a new location next year. There are also a couple of trails through the woods, which I am sure must be kept open by animals using that route on a regular basis. I am guessing it is the deer, but hopefully my cam will be able to confirm if that is the case. There is also a place where I have seen what might be bear scat a number of times. It was back in mid August, so around that time next year I need to put my cam in that area and see what is around.


It is along the path that I think is a deer path, but this doesn’t look much like the deer scat we have found everywhere else. I am not sure if I actually want to confirm that this is bear scat. Whilst it would be cool to see a bear, I would feel a little nervous if I knew for sure they are on our property. It is one thing to wonder, but another to actually know for sure! When we first bought the property we carried bear spray with us because we were nervous about meeting a bear in the woods, but we have relaxed over time and don’t bother now. Other than the occasional scat that we wonder about, there has been no sign of bear. I admit, when I am alone in the woods I tend to sing and make sure I am not going to suddenly surprise a bear, but as time has gone on it has seemed they are just not around. However, there is 200 acres next to us that is mostly trees and uninhabited. Who knows what is living in there?

Another animal I have wondered about is wolf. We have only heard wolves howl once. I expected to hear them more often than that, especially as we have so many deer around. I would think that it would be a prime hunting ground for wolves. Maybe it is because there are no wolves around that the deer have moved in? It might be that it is a safe haven for them away from wolves.

So much to discover and so hard to wait for another season to begin! I can’t complain. We have had a fantastic season this year. The weather has been great and we have been there almost every weekend for the last six months. We have had a blast and who knows, if the weather throws us another suitable day, we might just take another day trip before the snow arrives and blocks our access.


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