The Leaves Will Soon Be Leaving

We are getting a beautiful display of colour with the leaves this fall. I read in August that our hot, dry summer could dull our fall colours, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. For sure, the trees did lose some leaves early because of the lack of rain, but we are enjoying quite a beautiful show at the moment.


We don’t have a high percentage of deciduous trees at the cottage, but the ones we have are looking great.


When the sun shines on the leaves, they just light up.


In August I wondered about the leaves being eaten by critters.


In September I wondered about an early fall.


And now in October I am delighted with the show the leaves are giving me.  Soon they shall be leaving us and dropping to the ground. I am sure the rain today will take its toll. However, we will enjoy them while they last and capture the beauty to look back on when we are in the depths of winter and colour seems so far away.


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