Cottage Reno

Inhouse Upgrade

Another thing we have been busy with over the last couple of weeks is finishing the “inhouse”. With the room looking so inviting now, we decided to replace the second hand sink unit we were using and install a new one.


This room has certainly come a long way since we started! And whilst it doesn’t have hot water, or even running water for that matter, we manage with our bucket system, foot pump and a kettle quite well.


We are all set to start on the main room next year and begin the long process of renovating that room. It is a big room, so we are going to break it into sections and work on one section at a time. We will start at the far end and move the kitchen to that end, but first we need to take down the old fibreboard and put in drywall. The ceiling also needs some attention and we plan to put in wood strips to cover where the ceiling has cracked. With the change in temperature we don’t think filling will hold long term, so we are going to go with hiding the cracks and hopefully it will add a decorative element to the room too! I am excited to get started on that room, but it is too late in the season to be taking down walls, so I have the winter to dream and plan.



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