Buckle Up For The Drive

We really enjoy our drive to the cottage and as we get close to the cottage we look for deer and other wildlife. We have never seen any deer on the main roads, although there are signs to be aware of deer and we pay more attention at dusk and at night. However, we were not at all thinking about seeing deer at 10.30am.


We were only seconds from a group of houses, so I was a little startled when I suddenly saw a deer appear on the side of the road.


We were fully loaded with our new harvest table in the trailer and thankfully it was very secure because my husband had to slam on the brakes when the buck decided to leap in front of us.


It was a close call. We only just missed clipping the back of him. It all happened so quickly, but thanks to my husband’s dash cam, the whole event was captured. As much as I love to see deer, this was a little too close for comfort!


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