Cottage Reno

A Harvest Table

I have had a busy couple of weeks and not had time to blog, but things have been happening at the cottage. A very exciting addition inside is a beautiful harvest table that my son made for us. He had some time off this summer before starting a new job and was rather ambitious, so he ran out of time and left me to sand and oil it. It has a lovely maple top and pine legs. They are both light colour woods, different, but I don’t think they are different enough to sit together, so I stained the legs and left the top natural.


It is really heavy, so transporting it was a challenge. It is too heavy to lift in one piece, so we had to assemble it in the trailer and then take the top off to bring it inside and reassemble it again.


Thankfully my other son came with us to the cottage the weekend we took it there. I would have struggled to carry it in with my husband and was glad we had extra strength to help. We will have to move it again, because we haven’t put a floor down in the main room yet. However, that won’t be for a little while yet.


It is a great addition and so much nicer than the round table we had before. I love the size of it and we should be able to easily seat 10 people around it. A table is so central to a home and we were surprised at how the new table sets a different tone to the place. Our family loves to play board games and the round table wasn’t always large enough for some games. This gives us room for all the expansion packs my kids could ever want! I am looking forward to many happy memories being formed around this table.


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