We often find feathers at the cottage.


Some are obvious, like the Blue Jay feathers.


Blue Jay feathers are actually brown. The structure of the feather bends the light to make it look blue, but if you look on the bottom side of the feather you can see the pigment is brown.


I often find feathers from Wild Turkeys. They are easy to identify with their markings.


But some are just plain and I can only guess. It looks similar to that of a Great Blue Heron, but it could well be something else. I like that grey feathers are a symbol of peace. It seems fitting that it belongs to such a peaceful bird.


I am not sure if this is from a Crow or maybe a Turkey Vulture.


Feathers wear out and are replaced at least once every year. This Turkey Vulture was in the middle of moulting and had lost a couple of feathers. They have to be able to continue flying, so they just lose a few at a time.


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