Night Vison

We know the deer spend time on our property, we have seen them and we see evidence that they have been there, but we had no idea how often they visit. Last week I bought myself a Trail Cam and left it for the week so I could spy on the animals.


The camera has infra-red, so I had night vision too. Sure enough, that night we had a visitor.


And it seems like she was rather curious about this new lump on the tree.


Early the next morning she brought a friend along.


And that night they were back again.


Something was going on, judging by the way the doe is listening.


The next night we had another visit. It was interesting to see that the time of the visits changes and they don’t seem to have a set timetable for when they visit. We had a second visit a couple of hours later that night, which was really early morning by that time and then seven minutes later there were two of them together again.

The next night, 21st September, we had a visit at 4.14am and then at 11.37am we had a buck visit.


I was really surprised to see they visited in the middle of the day. We have seen them there evenings and morning, but this was right in the middle of the day.


I checked his marking around his eye and nose and I don’t think he is the same one that we saw a few weeks ago.


Unfortunately this camera doesn’t have a preview option, so I didn’t know how out of line the camera was sitting until I looked at the pictures!

We had another visit at 10.25pm that evening and then at 4.27am the next morning.


Then a little later that morning I got another daylight shot, this time of a doe.

They didn’t return to that area until the 24th at 12.08am, but they were very active that night. I got pictures at 12.08am, 12.11am, 12.13am, 12.23am, 12.24am, 1.38am, 1.41am and 4.08am.

That day we arrived, yet while we slept we had more visits. At 1.24am and 1.30am the camera caught more pictures (much the same as the others, so I won’t post them all).

Unfortunately there is a dark cloud looming over my excitement at finding how often the deer visit us. On Saturday evening our peace was disturbed by gunshots. Hunting season has opened and just the other side of our bay a man was shooting at waterfowl. It broke my heart! We know the landowner is on holiday and we have no idea if he gave permission to the hunter or not, but we certainly haven’t ever heard shooting before. I am trying to remain hopeful that this was a one off event and it was just geese the hunter was targeting. They have driven the loons away from nesting in our bay and perhaps there is some kind of a cull on the geese in the lake to protect the loons? I still struggle with the idea of shooting with anything other than a camera and certainly don’t like the idea of killing for sport – but I don’t know the motives behind this shooting, so perhaps I shouldn’t judge. What I do know is that it was too close for comfort! If I can see a man visibly from my property that is shooting a gun, it doesn’t make me feel very safe!


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