We had the first sighting of an osprey at the cottage a couple of weeks ago. I am surprised we haven’t seen them before with their diet of live fish. I would love to see them dive into the water and catch the fish, but we only got a glimpse as it flew overhead. Apparently Ospreys like shallow fishing grounds because they can’t dive more than three feet into the water. That makes our bay ideal Osprey fishing ground, so I do hope it will return.


We pass an osprey nest on our way to the cottage. I assume this bird was attached to the nest we pass, as it is not that far away. They will fish within 12 miles of the nest and we are well within that area.

I expect they will be migrating south soon, so we probably won’t see much more of it this year, but hopefully it will return again next year. Ospreys can live for 15-20 years and some log more than 160,000 migration miles during that time.

We didn’t see any bald eagles or eaglets on our last visit, so I am thinking they too might have decided it is time to start their migration.


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