Cottage Reno

A Firm Foundation


We have been rather concerned with how the pillars at the end of the cottage have been crumbling.


Most are sound, but two have been flaking and the end one was worrying us with how little of the pillar remained. We felt we needed to get it sorted before the winter, so last week we had a contractor come and fix it for us.


What a difference!


It was not a job we could tackle ourselves and we are very pleased to have a firm foundation before the winter arrives. However it looks like we might have an issue just above the pillar now. My concern about carpenter ants has become a bit of a reality. There is evidence of them on the beam above the pillar. We didn’t see any ants and it is only a small area, but there are holes in the wood. The damage doesn’t seem too bad and we put down ant powder in case they return. Hopefully they didn’t like it there and moved on. Thankfully there doesn’t seem any sign of them on any of the other beams and lets hope it stays that way!


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