Cottage Reno · Lake

He’s A Big Kid Now!

This summer has been so hot and swimming in the lake has been a wonderful way to cool off. My husband has never been fond of swimming. He is a slender guy and doesn’t have the buoyancy aid that I carry! However, that all changed this year when he was shown how to make a life jacket into a buoyancy diaper. You basically step into it and wear it upside down and bobbing around becomes a completely different experience.


We had some friends come to the cottage for a weekend and my husband reluctantly agreed to go out with them for a swim, letting them know he won’t stay out for long because he doesn’t float easily. He was like a kid with a new toy when they showed him the diaper trick and now I can’t keep him out of the water!

We borrowed a neighbour’s floating dock for one of our outings and I can see that he is now keen to put something like that in for us to use. We have to go quite a way out before we get to water that is deep enough to swim and I am not sure we can put one out that far. Mostly we take the boats over to the other side of our bay and pull the boats into a mini bay. There is a rock there that goes in fairly deep, so it is a good swimming spot. It is fine for the kayaks, but not a great location to take the canoe with all the rocks. We would probably have to go out halfway into the bay before we are deep enough to swim, so I am not sure that a swimming dock is an option for us… but if he can come up with a solution, he will!


We are enjoying our new boating locker. It is so nice to have everything at hand and not doing the trek back to the cottage for the nth time because we forgot yet another item. We have also put the last dock board in, in front of the locker, but we still need to do some sanding along the edge before it is totally finished. Gradually we are checking off jobs from our list and things are coming together to make each visit a little more comfortable than the last.


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