Stink Bug

The more I look around and pay attention to smaller details, the more I am finding all kinds of different bugs. It is amazing how many different bugs is in this little small area.

DSC_4249Stink bug

This guy amused us as it crawled across our picnic table. I had no idea at the time that it is a Stink Bug.


As usual, when I did some research, I found there are lots of different species of stink bugs and I have no idea what this was. I did read about the Brown Marmorated stink bug and how it is an alien insect and now an invasive species in Ontario. There are some similarities between my little guy and a Brown Marmorated stink bug. This one has a blunt face and two orange spots on its back, but it doesn’t have orange spots around its neck, a band on its antennae or light bands on its legs, so I am hopefully it is not a Brown Marmorated stink bug.


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