The Tail End

DSC_4220deer tails

Frequently the view we get of deer is their tail ends.


However, recently they have shown their face and been a little less skittish.

DSC_4502three deer

It would seem we have a family with two fawns around the cottage and they are feeling very much at home and not too concerned that we are around.


Mother is being vigilant and paying close attention, but they are not just bolting when they see us.


I am assuming she is not the mother of the little fawn we saw earlier in the year, which was hiding amongst the reeds, because there are two young with this doe.


And there is another doe around. This one has a marking on its left ear, so I know it is a different doe to the one with the twin fawns. Maybe this is the mother of the little one that was hiding in the reeds?


We also saw a young buck. He was with a doe, which ran off, but he stood his ground and watched us as we headed home.



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