Cottage Reno

Running Water

One of the big issues we have had is the lack of water at the cottage. Bringing up many bucketfuls of water from the lake is getting old, especially as the water level is so low right now and the new dock is a little higher than the old one. Reaching down for water has become more difficult. There is also the issue of more weeds in front of the dock this year. The lower water level means the sun is reaching the bottom of the lake there and weed is growing like weed! We have been trying to filter out the weed with a sieve, but getting it all out has not been possible. My husband decided that it was time to address the issue and bought a pump, a foot valve and a hose.


We have not been able to locate filters designed for bringing in lake water. I am not sure if there are such things, but as we couldn’t find any my husband decided he would have to be inventive and make our own. He thought if he put a filter directly around the foot valve it would quickly clog, so wanted to make a larger area around it to give it more surface area to pull water. He drilled some holes in an off-cut of 3-inch ABS piping. He then attached a foot valve to a piece of hose.


He used some cable ties to keep the pipe in place.



Next he wrapped the pipe in cheesecloth.


Internet wisdom suggests using muslin, but he had cheesecloth to hand and went with that.


More cable ties holds it all in place.


Keeping it off the bottom, away from silt, was the next hurdle. We put a cinderblock in the lake and fed the mummified contraption into the top hole. As you can see, the level of the lake water is really low right now. We have never known it to be this low. If it gets much lower it won’t be below water level, but hopefully the level will come up now we have had two big rainfalls.


We then connected the hose to the pump and a battery. It is the battery we use for our trolling motor, but the trolling motor has stopped working, so for now this battery can be our water pump battery.


Once we had established that was all working, we moved it away from the dock and closer to the cottage. We added the solar panel to keep the battery charged and we intend to build a little hut for it all to live in and make it look a little tidier.


No more scooping buckets of water from the lake – we have running water! We do have a shut-off valve for the standing pipe, but we forgot to bring it with us. Going down to switch it on each time is also going to get old, but hopefully we will fix that next time!


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