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A Frog Hunt

Whilst I love to hunt for frogs, I have no desire to eat them!

DSC_3451snake eatting frog

We were out in the canoe and I noticed a frog. As we got closer I saw that a snake had also noticed the fog, well before I did and was in the process of making the frog its supper! I am always amazed at how snakes manage to get such large animals into their mouths.


I finally got a good look at a bullfrog a few days ago. It was amongst the weeds and I couldn’t see enough detail to be sure what type it was, so I put my paddle underneath and lifted – weeds and frog. Much to my surprise it didn’t immediately jump off. It sat there while I tried turning it around for a better look.

DSC_4088frog friend

Eventually it did jump off, but not before it introduced me to a close friend he had made.

DSC_5103Spring Peeper

I think I found a spring peeper the other day. It was very tiny and there is a hint of a cross on its back, which identifies it. Their correct name, Pseudacris crucifer contains the Latin word crucifer, meaning cross-bearer. These are tiny frogs between 25-38 mm long and we heard them in the spring making their distinct peeping sound. This one sees to be infested with mites.

DSC_5152Leopard Frog

Another interesting frog find was a Northern Leopard Frog. After listening to the call it makes, I now realise I am often hearing them too, but I didn’t know it was them making the sound.  It is a little like the sound of a slow-motion woodpecker.


This little guy has kept me busy trying to figure out which type of frog it is.  My guess is that it is a juvenile Bullfrog.


I found a large Bullfrog underneath our new dock. It is nice to know that the wildlife are returning and using that space again, after we disrupted their peace for a while there.


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