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Drowning One’s Sorrows

We have had more issues with hornets again this year. My husband intended to sort out the damage under the roof from when a tree fell on it.

DSC_3927siding damage

He repaired the side and corner last year, but ran out of time to fix the top. As it was underneath and fairly protected from rain he left it to sort out this year.

DSC_3925siding damage

The hole doesn’t actually go into the roof space, so we thought we were safe from critters taking up residence in there. However, when he was inspecting it he pulled out something loose.

DSC_3928hornet nest

It seems the hornets were making a new nest and my poor husband ended up with a small sting when he stuck his hand up there.  He had to spray that area and will have to come back to the job once it is safe for him to do so.


We have seen several European hornets about. The old oak tree that was oozing sap last year is doing the same this year and they seem to hang around there.

DSC_4123wine wasp

They also seem to like wine. We had a visitor at the picnic table at suppertime.

DSC_4126wasp in wine glass    DSC_4127wasp in wine

It obviously thought it worth investigating further. But the lure of alcohol can be a slippery slope for some and this one ended up drowning in the wine. At least he didn’t have the sorrow of returning home to find the contents scattered beneath!


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