Cottage Reno

Not A Power Shower

One thing that is lacking with our newly improved bathroom arrangements is the ability to take a shower. With the hot sticky weather we have been having, a strip wash just doesn’t cut it and washing your hair is a whole other issue. We had a camp shower that you fill with water and leave in the sun to warm, which I have hung on a tree and used, but privacy was an issue. With husband on guard for visitors coming down the drive I hid behind the cottage and hoped for the best. However, when we have visitors, this isn’t ideal!

We have family coming to stay next week, so we felt the time had come to address this problem and come up with something that won’t send them packing! We spent an afternoon constructing with a pallet, cedar planks and a tarp and came up with a 4-foot x 4-foot shower cubicle.


It isn’t perhaps the most attractive construction, but it is hidden behind the cottage, where we don’t look out most of the time. The position was largely decided because of the branch on that tree which is just at the right height. Now I am lacking in the height department, so I need a stool to actually reach to hang the shower bag, so that is still a work in progress to make it a little more accessible – but we do have a working solution for now!


We put some screws on the inside post so that we can use the reinforced holes in the tarp to hook through the screws to fasten the flap in place when taking a shower. It is basic and no power shower, but it has been tested and does the job!

Yesterday I bought a second camp shower so that we can have a back-up bag for those who didn’t manage to limit their water use. Having the propane stove in the cottage and heating the water means I don’t need more than two. It is good if we can warm them in the sun, but I would need too many to have enough for everyone when we have visitors, so that isn’t really an option. Eventually my husband plans to be able to pump up water from the lake and then have a propane water heater to warm the water. I don’t think that is going to happen this year, but that would be a lovely addition in time.

I would like to make it a little more attractive, so one day I plan to clad it in something more attractive than a green tarp! As with so many ideas, I don’t have time to focus on that right now. Collecting ideas, dreaming and adding it to the list will have to do for now!


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