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Return Visits

Even though we have seen them before, it is always a treat when we get return visits from some of the critters that we don’t see all the time.

DSC_9016 porcupine.jpg

We got a closer encounter with the porcupine a few weeks ago. He waddled past behind the cottage and settled in this tree for the evening.

DSC_9207 snake.jpg

On the road leading to the cottage there is a sign saying, “Brake for Snakes” and we had to do that the other day. A Northern Water Snake was basking in the road and eventually slithered away, but not before I had jumped out to take its photograph.


I enjoy seeing the muskrat swimming around. He used to go past our dock quite frequently, but since we replaced it he has not been so close. I guess the shelter of the old dock has been disturbed, but perhaps in time he will return and feel at home there again.

DSC_1353woodpecker hole.jpg

We know we have had several return visits from woodpeckers. We found evidence that one has taken a liking to the stump we are using for our dock table.


We saw this one around the same weekend, but it wasn’t near the dock, so it might not be the culprit. I think it is a Hairy Woodpecker. The bill is quite large and I can see all-white outer tail feathers, which tell it apart from a Downy Woodpecker that is smaller and has spotted outer tail feathers.


One return visitor I was not pleased to see was a hornet in the cottage. Actually by the time I saw it, it was no more and my son had zapped it. I don’t like to kill the wildlife, but I will make an exception for a hornet in the cottage!

DSC_1367 killdeer.jpg

And we had a new visitor that I haven’t seen before, although I am told they are quite common, a Killdeer. I hope it returns and give me a chance to take a better photograph!


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