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Lots Of Room For A Baby Boom

Even though spring is well behind us now, we are still enjoying the baby boom that normally arrives with spring. It is lovely to watch the baby animals as they grow and develop. The birds certainly seem to have expanded around us. Last year there was a couple of nests under the cottage. This year there are six nests. They are all empty now, so I don’t know who built them. They are also different constructions, so I am guessing different types of birds built them. I was surprised how close some of them were together.

DSC_0127birds nests.jpg

I never did manage to figure out who used the nest I saw in the tree earlier in the year. Once the leaves arrived on the tree I just couldn’t see what was going on.


I found this nest on the ground last week. I am not sure if it fell from the tree or if it was a ground nest. It seemed a little loose like it might have fallen.

DSC_9375 fish nest.jpg

We had lots of fish nests again this year, just off the dock.

DSC_9387 fish guarding nest.jpg

It was interesting to watch the fish guarding their nests.

DSC_9393 blue fish.jpg

The nests were quite varied. Some had twigs, some shells, some little more than a sandy clearing.

DSC_9401 blue fish.jpg

I am guessing the little fry have gone their own way now, because the nests are all vacant and I am not seeing these larger fish off the dock any longer. I think they are bass, but I am no fisherman so I am not sure.

DSC_3237weed nest.jpg

This looked like a nest, but when I investigated it seemed to be just a mass of weed popping out of the water. The centre was filled with water, so I don’t think it was a nest.

DSC_3301geese family.jpg

Our geese family is growing up and the six goslings are almost as big as their parents now.

DSC_2865Eastern Kingbird family.jpg

It was nice to see this little family on their favourite branch. I thought they were Eastern Kingbirds, but now I think they might be Eastern Phoebes. The two birds look very similar, but now I study them again I think these ones are a little rounder and the Eastern Kingbirds are a little more elongated.

DSC_3233kingbird and webs.jpg

Not only do these birds think this is a fine spot for catching bugs, but the spiders also seem to agree!

DSC_9551 Redwing Blackbird.jpg

The Redwing Blackbirds have nested in their usual place amongst the reeds and we see and hear them on every visit.  We seem to see more of the male Redwing Blackbirds, so it is nice to see the female from time to time.

DSC_0121baby mouse.jpg

We found one little baby mouse in the cottage about a month ago. It was looking rather unwell and sitting on the doormat. I think it was half starved and couldn’t find its way outside again. We put it outside and for a while it sat looking a little sad.

DSC_0124baby mouse.jpg

Eventually is scampered off and seemed to have more life. I wish it well, as long as it stays out of the cottage!


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