The Great Blue Heron

I am really pleased to see that our resident heron is feeling more at home with us now.

DSC_2357heron in reeds.jpg

I was surprised to see it amongst the reeds right in front of the cottage the other day. Normally it goes into the bay at the side of the cottage and we can’t see it from inside the cottage.

DSC_1129heron fishing.jpg

Its favourite place to fish is amongst the reeds where it can easily hide. However, it has been more comfortable with me watching it lately, which is lovely.


The size of their wings always amazes me. Herons stand 4-feet tall, but they have a 6-foot wingspan and they look so awkward when they flap them.


Apparently, herons can live as long as 17 years, so hopefully we will have many years of our heron visiting us.

DSC_1604heron flying.jpg

They are so distinctive when they fly, with their long legs trailing and their deep slow wing beats. I wish I could follow it and know where the breeding nests are, although it won’t be going back there at this point in time. Young Great Blue Herons leave the nest at 10 weeks old and are fully independent from their parent. Great Blue Herons like to forage alone outside of the mating season, which is why you normally only see one, unless you find the heronry. There can be hundreds of herons together in some heronries and they normally nest in mid-April. Seeing their nests high up in the trees seems to be something I only glimpse from the car. They are really good at picking spots where human access is hard, which is good for them I guess, but not good for me to spy on them!



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