Oh My! They Can Fly!

Wow! This weekend the eaglets were thrilling! We headed out just before Saturday suppertime to see them and it looked like they were too enjoying some supper.

DSC_2115eaglets supper in nest.jpg

One then flew off leaving its sibling squawking in the nest.

DSC_2209Eaglet in nest.jpg

We hung around waiting to see if it would also fly, but it seemed to be exercising its voice rather than its wings. We were happy that we got to see them again and headed back for the night. The next morning we headed out again and again there was only one in the nest. This time it was looking wishful and then we watched as it took to the sky!

DSC_2872eaglet first flight.jpg

We don’t know if this was its first flight, but it sure seemed like a possibility.

DSC_2935Eaglet flying.jpg

We couldn’t believe our eyes and it flew virtually right over our heads!

DSC_2920Eaglet flying.jpg

What a sight! It made flying look so easy.


However it seemed a little unsteady as it landed next to its sibling.

DSC_3009 eaglets in tree.jpg

It then looked back at the nest and studied the distance it had just flown.  I am not sure if that expression says “Help! What have I just done!” or “Wow! I just flew that far!”

DSC_2986Eaglets in tree.jpg

That is where we left them – discussing their next move… although they seemed to be taking their time in actually making it!



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