Raptors Are Truly Kings Of The Sky

Birds of prey have certainly been a theme for us this year. We find them fascinating and love to see them. One sighting that wasn’t so lovely was a turkey vulture we saw feeding as we were leaving one weekend. I am not sure what it was feeding on – perhaps a muskrat?

Paw and tail

I cropped out the rest of this poor animal from the picture – it was basically the guts and a scene from a horror movie – not a pretty picture!

Turkey Vulture

It didn’t really like being photographed and flew off when I got too close.

Turkey Vulture flying 2

They are not the most attractive of birds, but they are magnificent!

Turkey Vulture Flying1

Turkey Vulture flying

It was cool to see the turkey vulture up close, but the bald eagles have been the bird of prey highlight.  The eaglets have stolen the limelight, but any raptor sighting is exciting.

DSC_1274eaglet wing flap

The eaglets seem a little restless and are working on strengthening their wings.


It would seem that they each have a side of the nest that they stick to, rather like siblings sharing a bedroom with an invisible line drawn to keep the other out. The one on the left seems slightly larger than the one on the right and it is that eaglet that is most active. That is the one we see flapping its wings the most and more interested in looking out. The other seems like a younger sibling looking on and taking in what big brother/sister is doing, or at times totally uninterested and taking a nap.


We haven’t seen much action with the parents for a couple of weeks now. I did watch an adult bald eagle, which might have been one of the eaglet’s parents, a little further away from the nest, being heckling by a crow. That was quite fascinating! The crow was very upset and dive-bombing the bald eagle. The bald eagle mostly ignored the crow and just circled around dodging the crow when it got too close. Eventually the crow gave up and they both went their separate ways. I didn’t have my camera in hand, so I just enjoyed the show.





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