Cottage Reno · Dragonflies and Damselflies

It’s Cool – It’s Very Cool!

One big excitement we had a few weeks ago was getting a propane fridge. We had to rearrange the kitchen because of where the propane pipe is situated coming into the cottage. We had to move the microwave cabinet and microwave to make room for it and as we don’t use it very much we moved it to the other end of the cottage; where it will eventually live. We hate to power up the generator, so if we can avoid using the microwave we do. It is nice to have, especially in the spring and fall, when a warm bowl of stew that I have made at home can be reheated, but even that I have done using the stovetop to avoid using the generator.

In theory it takes 6-8 hours to cool the fridge, but we move everything from the cooler into the fridge, including the ice pack and that helps it cool down faster. The little freezer section is just big enough for the icepack and it is then frozen for the journey home. It is such an asset and I love that we can now keep things cold.

DSC_8711 fridge

We have also done some work inside the cottage putting the doors on the cabinets. Another new enhancement was trying out a pump on a water bottle. It actually works better than we expected. It is hard to fill a kettle because you have to keep pumping, where as the water carrier we bring from home has a tap, but it is easier for everything else. I think we will probably end up using both for that reason.

And on the subject of cool, I discovered a really cool wildlife event to watch. The guys were working on the dock and lifted some of the old boards, exposing dragonfly larvae in the process of hatching. My daughter-in-law and I sat spellbound for ages so that we could see the moment the dragonfly took its first flight. We were mesmerized!

DSC_9060 dragonfly hatching

DSC_9078 dragonfly hatching

DSC_9095 dragonfly hatching

DSC_9114 dragonfly just hatched

A dragonfly has a lifespan of more than a year, but very little of that is actually as an adult dragonfly. They go from egg to nymph and then adult, but most of their life is lived out in the nymph stage. Dragonfly nymphs live in calmer waters and once they are fully-grown they crawl out of the water up a stem of a plant and under our dock seems to be a favourite spot. It then completes the metamorphosis into a dragonfly by shedding its skin, leaving behind its exuvia.

DSC_9067 dragonfly nymph body

It only lives for about two months as an adult dragonfly, mating and laying eggs to start the life cycle all over again. And the other thing that they do during those two months is eat mosquitoes, for which we are every grateful. These are truly cool critters!



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