In A Flap

We were in a flap this weekend because I misplaced the bucket under the sink and it wasn’t until several hand washing sessions later that my son noticed how wet the floor was. The bucket had not caught any water and the water on the floor was soaking into the floor and walls! We took up the vinyl flooring and left it to dry out. Thankfully it was so hot this weekend that everything was dry by the next day, but it was very annoying and left us dancing around things while everything dried out. We now have circles drawn on the bottom of the cabinet so that the bucket placement is accurate! We so need to get on with the new bathroom and have the water drain under the cottage where any flooding issues won’t be such a big deal.

The eaglets were also in a flap this weekend and I was thrilled to witness it.

DSC_0249 wing flap

We were able to confirm that there are two eaglets in the nest and one was certainly looking like it is almost ready to fledge. There isn’t much room in that nest when they spread their wings!

DSC_0276 eaglets

They seem much more interested in the outside world this week and spent a lot of time looking out at the world before them. It is tempting them and I wouldn’t be surprised if next weekend we find the nest empty.

DSC_0701 mother eagle

Mother was keeping a careful watch over them. We found her on Saturday in the same place as last week, but on Sunday she had changed location and was closer to the nest.

DSC_0492Eagle with fish

Father was busy catching fish for his two youngsters. They were really noisy when he delivered food for them. We watched him bring in two fish, but my foggy brain at 7am had my camera on the wrong settings, so I didn’t manage to capture good shots. It was fantastic to watch and we were surprised at how quickly he brought back the second fish. We waited for a third, but as he didn’t return for some time we assumed breakfast might be over.

DSC_0478 bald eagle

They are such majestic birds and it is a thrill to see them flying overhead.

DSC_0578 bald eagle

If only the picture was in focus! We got the best views yet of them coming close. Hopefully there will be many more encounters and maybe if the timing is right we will get to see eaglets flying too. It is the thrill of the adventure; never knowing what we will see but an endless list that might appear at any given time.


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