Beating About The Bush

It was interesting following the deer trails through the forest and seeing that the trails that are open enough for us to walk are the same ones that the deer use. Is it that they keep the trail clear, or chose those routes because it is clear? I guess it is probably a bit of both.

DSC_8002 meadow forrest

With the leaves off the trees and the snow highlighting the ground around the trees, you get a very open picture.

DSC_0536 meadow forest

I looked back at pictures without snow. This one shows the middle part of the picture with snow and you can see how the trail just vanishes amongst the trees. The other thing the snow highlights is how the land is elevated behind the trees. That isn’t as obvious until you walk into the forest during the summer months.

We have a fence around two sides of our property, but it isn’t on the property line. There used to be cows in the field behind the cottage and the previous owner didn’t like the gifts the cows left on the property, so a fence was put up the keep the cows out. Because the land gets very steep behind the trees and it is very rocky, putting in a fence is not straightforward, so it was basically put between the gate and the lake, along the tree line. There is a valley between the fence and our actually property line, which is where I found the baby deer.

Last spring, when we returned to the cottage, we found the land next to our cottage was for sale. We were a little shocked to see the driveway for this land being shown as going into this valley, which is our land. We understood the mistake, because the fence is to the left of this valley, but it is not the property line.

DSC_2060 boundary line

We spent the day looking for our property markers and taping out the property line. It was so rocky that we found it hard to put in a fence post to tie the tape to. No wonder they didn’t put a fence along the property line. It was just rock and the actual boundary marker is at a high point. We had to tie the tape to a tree. The property marker was at the base of this tree, which was the only place without rock in that area. We then contacted the realtor and she came out to take a look. Thankfully she agreed that there was a mistake and this was not the driveway into the property for sale. The land has only just sold, so we have yet to find out who our new neighbours are. We just hope that they want to enjoy the tranquility of the place as much as we do!

DSC_2061 property line

Our property line is rather strange as it is not at right angles to our gate and is before we get to the gate. I can see why they didn’t put the gate here, because there is a hump to drive up and over before you get to where the gate is actually positioned.

DSC_8045 fence

The other place that we have fence that doesn’t follow our property line starts at our gate and runs along side our driveway. I would really like to move it because it cuts off a corner of our property and to access the woods there we have to go up our driveway and through the gate.   The property goes back 100 feet from the gate to the property marker, so there is a fair amount of land there.   It is thick forest and we want to leave it that way, but it would be nice to be able to wander through it and perhaps get a glimpse of who is living there without having to reverse our path each time we explore.

DSC_7856 trail DSC_7860 trail

The property line follows the deer path and as you can see, there really is an actual trail along it. It is a bit uneven and a bit of a scramble for humans, but great if you are a deer!

DSC_7857 trail DSC_7854 Maggie on trail

Some of the trail is fairly even and great to walk through.

DSC_7850 stake

The property marker is just before a big flat rock, where there is a clearing in the forest. Just before the marker, the deer trail goes off to the right and follows our property line to where our fence begins, at the beginning of our driveway. We were able to see from their tracks in the snow that they just jump the fence there, but we are not able to do that! One day we will either move the fence or build a stile, but it is much further down the priority list of other things that need our attention.





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