Cottage Reno

Playing With Fire

DSC_9929 woodburning stove

The cottage came with a wood-burning stove. It had water damage and was rusty, so to cover us for insurance we had to have the stove WETT certified before we could use it. To our amazement the guy who came out to do that said the actual stove is sound and all it needs is to remove the rust with a wire brush and spray it with stove paint. However, the chimney didn’t meet standards and needed to be replaced.

Whilst we didn’t think the stove was in a good location, we assumed it was too big a job to move it. The guy said it actually wasn’t too much more work to move it at this stage and now was the time to do it. Moving it to a more central position would make the heat in the cottage distribute more evenly. We would also have a much better view when sitting around the fire if we put it between the patio doors and window.

Woodstove s

It isn’t pretty, but it keeps us warm! The aluminum that protects the wall is ugly and needs to be replaced with a nice fireboard. Until we put down flooring we will keep the plate it stands on, but that too needs to be replaced. We still need to repaint the stove, but because it functions it has slipped further down that list we keep juggling.

We found having the stove really extended the season at the cottage. We are able to keep it going throughout the night and whilst the bedroom is cool, we are warm enough once we snuggle into bed. We were surprised how quickly it heats the cottage. We can arrive with it being only a few degrees above zero and within two hours it is 20°C around the fire. It takes longer for either end of the cottage to warm, but we are quite comfortable fairly quickly.

DSCF8409 firepit

We also have a fire pit outside, near the lake. We put a circle of rocks around to keep it contained and also help with the wind coming off the lake. There is something so magical about sitting around an open fire. Watching the sun go down around the fire is mesmerizing. Time seems to stand still as the dance of the flames draws you in. And, for the kids, it is also a perfect time for roasting marshmallows!


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