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Picture Perfect

We have such a beautiful view when we look out at the lake. It was that view which sold us the cottage.  As I have said before, we never tire of just sitting and looking at that view. However, from the cottage the view was a little overgrown when we first arrived.

DSC_9862 view of lake

We were so thrilled with just being there to begin with that we just accepted it, but as the weeks went on we felt we wanted to enjoy a better view from the cottage.

DSC_0390 Fiona clearing view

My daughter-in-law and I set to work one day removing the scrubby branches from the bottom of the trees and opening up the view.

DSC_0588 view of lake

We didn’t want to over do it, but a little trimming really did open the view.

DSC_4153 view of lake

Last year we decided to continue with improving the view and we removed much more of the lower branches. We certainly don’t want to clear-cut and actually having little window areas to look through is rather charming.

DSC_9919 pine tree

Having worked on the view along the waterside, we then found a big problem with the view from the cottage was a lower branch on the pine tree near the cottage. The tree is growing on a steep slope, so removing the branch was not easy, but my tree climbing daughter-in-law came to the rescue again and managed to cut the lower branch off.

DSC_4664 tree stump

We were thrilled to discover that under that branch was a beautiful stump of another tree. Opening the view improved our view of the lake, but it also gave us this charming view of a tree stump with a face! That stump has brought so many smiles to our faces – we just love it!

DSC_9885 tree stump

Tree stumps can be so beautiful, especially as they become weathered. There is another tree stump going down to the dock and when the sun shines on it at the end of the day the colour is stunning. I love how the wood is flaking and curling as it weathers.

DSC_9710 birch tree

We left this piece of natural art the first year because it looked so dramatic. The winter took a toll on it and it wasn’t looking so good the following year. We have since moved some of it and cut the wood for firewood.

DSC_4637 tree out of water

One piece still remains in the water and the birds also enjoy it. The dead branches are poking out of the water and it makes a great place for birds to perch. You can often find either an Eastern Kingbird or a Red-Wing Blackbird sitting on those branches.

Eastern Kingbird 1

The Eastern Kingbird uses the perch to look for flying insects, so we are very happy to have these little guys in their business suits working for us and keeping us comfortable while we sit and enjoy our picture perfect views!


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