On Rock Solid Ground

The effects of the Ice Age are all around our land and the surrounding area. A billion years ago this area was the Grenville Mountains. They have been worn away over time by rain, wind, rivers and glaciers, leaving hard granite, quartzite and beautiful layers of sandstone. The Ice Age gouged out patches of soft Precambrian marble and that left basins that formed the many lakes we have around here. The roads here snake around the lakes and the huge Ice Age sculptures of polished bedrock formations. It is a beautiful drive with lovely views around each bend you take.

DSCF8503 gate

One of the highest points on our property is where our gate is located. The property line actually extends beyond the gate, but because of the rock the easiest way to mount a gate seems to have been between a tree and a stack of rocks that make the gatepost. The juniper somewhat hides the large rock dome behind it, but you can see how there is a natural clearing in the forest because little grows on the rock. As the land begins to descend there are exposed rocks, all the way down to the right of the driveway and down to the lake.

DSC_9740 meadow hill

It is interesting how we have another natural break in the forest, where few trees grow but we do have grass. There is rock very close to the surface here, but not exposed like it is at the gate. There are patches of exposed rock, but they are level with the ground. I am assuming that there is so much rock under the shallow soil here that there just isn’t room for trees to root. It amazes me how trees do manage to root between the rocks. Amongst the trees some of the rocks are huge. If you look back to my “Inhouse Outhouse” post, you will see behind the composter we have some huge rocks.

We assume that the stone wall that was build to retain the hillside was built out of rocks found on the land here. I am guessing that the slope continued to where the cottage is now standing and they had to dig out that area when they built the cottage. Maybe the rocks used for the stone wall were the result of that excavation?

DSC_9912rocks behind dock

It seems that the whole area behind the meadow is one big pile of rocks and where there is a large enough gap that has filled with soil over time, trees have grown. I would like to have a path through the forest and a little trail that we can follow, but it is so steep and difficult because of the rocks. The deer have actually done that and there is a path through the trees that they follow. However, it quickly becomes steep and not an easy stroll.

DSC_0522 big rock

There would be some lovely views of the lake from some of the high spots, if it weren’t for all the trees.

DSC_0511 rocky forest

We love to scramble amongst the rocks and trees. There is something lovely about being in an old growth forest that man has not shaped. The forest has not been thinned, there are snags (dead trees) amongst the living trees and branches and twigs blocking the path.  It is full of wildlife and we are always watching and listening, knowing there are so many interesting things for us to discover. We have learned so much over the last 18 months because we have discovered new things and researched to find out more. We have only scratched the surface of what is still there to be discovered and explored.





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