Fishing, Eating, Swimming…

The bald eagles are not the only ones who like to fish in our lake. Our son likes to fish and has discovered that there is some good fishing to be had out there.

DSC_0454 fish

The first fish he caught was quite small, but he did manage to catch some bigger ones.

108 Alex with pike DSC_2217 pike

Northern pike are at the top of the freshwater food chain and we seem to have a number of them in our lake.

DSC_2274 meal

We got to enjoy a couple of meals from them, but they are rather boney fish.

Fish nest 2

You have to go to the other side of our bay to catch fish.  It is really shallow and weedy in front of our dock, but we are not keen to do too much about it because we can see evidence of fish breeding there, with little circles in the mud.

Fish nest 1

In the middle of the circles are little piles of twigs and stones.  I don’t know enough to know what type of fish built these, it could be bass.  I found it interesting to read about how small mouth bass males build nests 1-6 feet in diameter and spend 4-48 hours building nests. They sweep away fine sediment and detritus with their tails and may build several nests before finally settling on one for spawning. Sun fish and sticklebacks are two other fish in the lake that build nests and there are probably more that I don’t know about.

Because it is very shallow off our dock you need to go out quite a way before it gets deep enough to swim, so we take the kayaks out and swim over the other side of our bay.

DSC_4071 kayaks and loon

I was very envious one weekend when the kids were out in the kayaks and a loon came really close to join in the fun. It has to be very warm for me to jump in the lake, but the following weekend it was 30 degrees C in the cottage and out I went.

DSC_4514 kayak swimming

Getting back into the kayak was not as easy as the kids made it look!  I kept flipping the kayak as I tried to get in.  I was rather a beached whale as I edged my way back into the kayak and was glad my daughter-in-law was there to help with the process!


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