Looks Different, Feels The Same

DSC_9915 tent

The weekend we took procession of the cottage we took our tent and camped there. The mould due to the water damage inside the cottage was too bad for us to sleep in the cottage, but given that we were looking for a little piece of paradise to call our own and camp, this was not a hardship.

DSC_9940 tent

Finding a level piece of land was a bit of a challenge, but we found a place with the least amount of slope and erected our room with a view!

DSC_9975 two red chairs

The view we had from our tent made this the best campsite we have ever stayed at and the housewarming gift of four red chairs, that some dear friends gave us, made sitting and enjoying the view even more enjoyable!

Whilst our cottage is a little off the beaten track and in theory quiet, anyone who has camped knows that the wildlife can be more noisy than in the city at times! However, that night was quiet. The frogs were not croaking, crickets not chattering, but the loons visited us and it was bliss to fall asleep listening to their lovely, relaxing calls.

I woke early the next morning. It was getting towards the end of what we consider camping season and I was cold. We knew we needed to make the cottage usable if we were going to keep coming and working on it over the next few weeks. However, the nice thing about waking early was the view that greeted me as I emerged from the tent. I heard wings flapping and saw a heron flying away. I guess it wasn’t used to having people invade its space, especially since the cottage had stood unused for so many years.

29 Mist on lake

There was mist dancing across the surface of the lake and I stood spellbound for ages watching it. I could hear the loon in the distance. It had left our bay, but was somewhere out on the lake not to far away.

There is something very magical about our property. The first time we visited it we came away feeling bathed in relaxation. It has happened without fail on every visit we make there. We stand there taking in the view and we can’t help but have smiles on our faces. It is better than a trip to the spa, the effect of relaxation it brings us. Over a year later and it still takes our breath away the moment we arrive there. All worries flee and a weekend there leaves us feeling like we have had a whole week of vacation.

DSC_4679 mist on lake

Almost a year later we got to witness another view of mist dancing on the lake that had us captivated. This time it was after a storm. The sun came out and the effect was dramatic. We are amazed at how the view we so love constantly changes. We sit on the dock and watch it with more enjoyment than any TV show provides. The light changes or the animals visiting change and each time we look we see a slightly different picture. Time stands still and being in the moment is all that matters.

We are well aware of the amount of work that is required to get the cottage such that others are able to enjoy it as much as we do and to make it more comfortable for ourselves. However, somehow it doesn’t hang over us and spoil our enjoyment. We are not in a major hurry to get it sorted, so whilst we have a checklist of things we need to work on, we are very good at making time to enjoy the place too. We pick a task and then we just enjoy whatever the place has to offer us on each new adventure!



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