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The Buzz On Curb Appeal

58 Hornets nest

The hornets must have heard it said that the front entry is the focal point of curb appeal.  I must admit their home was rather splendid and in a lovely sheltered position under the eaves, but it was also right above our front entry.  When we first arrived we had so many pressing things that needed immediate attention that we tried to ignore it and hoped that they would reciprocate.  It was high above the door and to spray their nest we needed a ladder and one of us to be very brave.  No one wanted that job!


The hornets nest is behind the branches on this photograph, but is shows how we had other issues regarding curb appeal in addition to the hornets nest.  The door was bare wood and the steps were rotten.

We tackled painting the door, cleaning the siding and adding some decoration for some much needed curb appeal.  It was a start.

61 Red door

The hornets didn’t seem too bothered by us working on the door to begin with, but as time went on we became more bothered by them and found ourselves using the patio door rather than the main door.

82 New steps

We built new steps, when the old ones finally fell apart…when there is so much to do the priority list constantly gets reshuffled.  We have even painted the door frame, although somehow it slipped through the cracks with my obsession to photograph EVERYTHING!

Eventually removal of the hornets nest crept to the top of the list and we had to serve them an eviction notice.  Polite negotiations were not working and their replies were becoming more threatening.  I hated the idea of mass murder, but we sprayed them at night, when they were all home and sluggish.

We have added some decoys to hopefully try and prevent any relatives from considering another building project.  Hopefully they will go elsewhere!


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