Lack Of Creature Comforts But No Lack Of Creatures

26 View up to cottage

Just over a year ago we bought a cottage.  We didn’t set out to buy a cottage.  We were looking for land so that we could have a place to call our own to camp on.  A place to leave the canoe and a few other items so that we didn’t have such a big job to pack every time we go camping.  We wanted somewhere quiet, full of wildlife and not too far from home.  It had to be less than two hours drive from home and it had to have water access for the canoe.

We looked at land, but most of it was close to neighbours and too noisy for much wildlife to stick around.  Motor boats and busy waterways would have made it difficult to take the canoe out and we didn’t find anything that ticked all our boxes.  However, we did spot one property that had a cottage on it and it was within the price bracket that we were looking at.

Now I have to clarify the use of the word cottage.  The reason that it was in our price range was because, as my son said, it was little more than a big wooden tent!  There was no hydro, no water, no septic.  There was water damage from where a tree fell on the roof and it had sat empty for many years.  For most people the mould on the ceiling was enough to make them walk away.  This property needed lots of work to make it useable, but the land itself ticked all our boxes.  The access was not ideal.  We have right of way access alongside a field to get to our driveway and the driveway itself is very steep.  We had to buy a 4-wheel drive vehicle to guarantee getting out again after getting stuck twice and having to be pulled out by our very kind neighbour!   However, we feel it has been worth it to have this lovely location and reap the benefits that it brings because it is so isolated.

In time we will improve the access.  We could reroute the driveway and make it less steep if we throw enough money at it.  For now, we have other projects to work on and now we have the 4-wheel drive car the steep driveway is less of an issue.

Before I finish this post, I must mention the other thing that we have so enjoyed about this location.  It is so full of wildlife!  We see something every time we visit and often something we have never seen before.  It has been thrilling to see the number of animals we have seen and every visit is a wonderful adventure.


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